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Yesterday, the price of Tianjiao futures continued to oscillate, and the two markets fully showed the linkage

yesterday, the trend of Shanghai Jiao was quite wonderful. In the morning, affected by the reverse jump rebound trend of Japan Jiao, the jump was higher than the 18495 price. The whole day trend basically played a certain pulling role in the national economy, and the production and market were highly international. It maintained the sideways wide-band oscillation above the 18400 line, and finally closed at the 18555 price, with 174000 transactions, The capacity is basically the same as yesterday. In addition, the main funds have now begun to move their positions gradually. After the possible bottoming out after the festival. 6. Stop copying irrelevant documents or programs into the equipment computer, the glue price may usher in a real reversal in the 701 contract. Technically, the trend of Shanghai Jiao is still greatly affected by Japan Jiao, but the technical docking effect is still fully improved, which is weaker than Japan Jiao. At present, it is still an oscillation consolidation near the 18000 price range. There should be no great fluctuations before the festival, and the main funds should also try to minimize the risk before the arrival of the two festivals

in terms of operation, it is recommended that investors can hold early short positions stably in the near future, but they should not continue to hold short orders before the holiday to avoid the risk caused by excessive positions. Holding money for the holiday is still a very good choice

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