The hottest yellow giant under Mount Fuji

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Do you know the Yellow giant at the foot of Mount Fuji? Even Gou Taiming visited it by name! In 2014, the world was crazy about robots. From Google to Amazon, they were actively investing. Even TheEconomist recently announced with its cover story "rise of robots", that the existing service industry and manufacturing industry must be prepared for robots

when we combed the data of this general trend, we suddenly found that FANUC was the leader. It has the most advanced unmanned factory in the world and is also the largest and most profitable robot company in the world

in the 150 hectare forest, a group of yellow buildings hidden at the foot of Mount Fuji hide the mysterious empire of the third wave of industrial revolution. Interestingly, this empire, which is described by foreign investors as an empire that would stop the operation of the world if Mount Fuji erupted and flooded it, has been quietly hiding at the foot of Mount Fuji for 30 years

standardized but advanced! I love the yellow tree sea that is helpful for thinking, from buildings, nameplates to employee uniforms

it was not until 2010 that Bloomberg BusinessWeek became the first media outside Japanese media to interview it exclusively, and described it with thesecretivegiant. Forbes (Forbes) is the most innovative enterprise in the world, and its innovation performance is better than Google and apple

after a quarter of planning, we have become the second international media in the world to interview it exclusively. When the car arrived at the foot of Mount Fuji, which was 3 hours' drive away from Tokyo, Japan to clamp the other end of the sample, it really seemed to enter another world

FANUC unmanned chemical plant

a group of pure yellow buildings are quietly hidden in a 150 hectare sea of trees. On the day we arrived, one was the ordinary Rockwell hardness test. The snow on the ground was still not melted, and the temperature was only 6 ℃. When we exhaled, it became white smoke

a group of employees in yellow uniforms welcomed us with a 45 degree bow

according to FANUC, yellow is the color of fighting will that helps to think clearly

heavyweight but low-key! The third wave of Industrial Revolution represents the market value breaking trillion and the financial success of TSMC, but the annual report is only 30 pages

in addition to the iPhone that people play with, from the Boeing airliner flying in the sky to the Toyota car driving on the ground, the equipment that the world wants to produce these products, without the robots produced by FANUC and the heart installed in the automatic equipment, it can't work. More than half of the world's computer numerical controllers (CNC, computer numerical control operation, which is widely used in machine tools. That is, using computer operation control to control the way of machine operation and processing) have a market share, which Bloomberg BusinessWeek describes as a micro software at the foot of Mount Fuji

Taiwan Cong Hon Hai group and daliguang are both its customers, and can complete the mechanical property experiments of various materials under the conditions of tension, compression, zigzag, shear, etc; Without it, there would be no apple supply chain

it has a brilliant profit performance. Even if the financial tsunami only depressed FANUC for one year, its revenue rebounded 76% and its net profit margin was 26.9%. With 5300 employees, it can create a market value of about NT $1.1 trillion

FANUC unmanned chemical plant

the robot legend enterprise with conflicting image simply believes in the power of original intention, and its explosive power is amazing

the reason for doing one thing thoroughly is very simple. However, 22 years ago, its joint venture partner Ge withdrew from the market, because this business revenue contribution is only a single digit; For the current competitors Siemens and Mitsubishi, the automation and machinery departments only account for 10% and 17% of their revenue respectively. Naturally, they will not give priority to resources

FANUC can beat these giants. The secret is nothing but to concentrate on building up barriers to competition, and keep piling up, and keep piling up

the wave of robots that everyone sees now began 42 years ago. It is like a traditional Japanese worker who thinks about how to improve technology wholeheartedly, so he can naturally make trade-offs and innovations

a good strategy, even a happy life, depends on more than just trade-offs

the simpler the initial intention is, the more amazing the explosive power is. This is the secret of FANUC's success in winning for 42 years in a row. (author: wanniansheng, BusinessWeek)

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