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Yesterday, a large truck loaded with toilet paper burned into a "Volcano" at high speed. Release date: Source: paper industry internal reference

in the afternoon of December 26, a large truck loaded with toilet paper caught fire when it reached Baoding Section of Beijing Hong Kong Macao expressway. Because the goods were flammable and the fire was extremely fierce, the truck was burned into a "Volcano", fortunately, no casualties were caused

according to Mr. Du of Pingling village, Baoding City, at about 2:30 p.m. on December 26, he went out with his friend Mr. Lu. When passing near Qingbao village, Baoding City, he found black smoke billowing on the Beijing Hong Kong Macao Expressway not far away, and there were flashes of fire from time to time. He was worried that someone might be trapped, so he ran to the highway with his friends to check

after running on the highway, he saw a big blue truck parked in the emergency lane, and the middle of the carriage was ablaze. The front of the truck overturned on the ground. Fortunately, the two drivers and passengers in the truck had escaped by themselves and were not in serious trouble

it is understood that when the truck driver found the carriage on fire, he hurried to stop in the emergency lane. The brakes were too hard, and the ground was slippery due to snowfall, causing the front of the car to be overturned by the carriage. Truck drivers and high-speed traffic police have excellent sealing and unparalleled chemical resistance. They have also found several fire extinguishers to try to put out the fire. Unfortunately, the toilet paper carried on the car spread very quickly after the fire, and it was very difficult to put out the fire. After people ran out of fire extinguishers, they had to wait for the fire truck to look around the world to put out the fire. In the end, the truck was completely burned, and the toilet paper of the truck was also reduced to ashes in the way of joint development with the international hydrostatic component manufacturing company

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