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This summer, I am glad to hear that the product design of Yellow Crane Tower 1916, which was designed by Mr. Chen Shaohua and completed by Wuhan Tobacco Group in cooperation with Shanghai mugu Management Consulting Co., Ltd., won the "2004 China excellent brand image award" at the 2005 China Beijing International Design Expo, which was awarded by the Design Committee of China Packaging Technology Association, It represents the highest honor of the domestic professional design community. It is reported that the product design will be recommended to participate in the selection of international famous design awards

the author was fortunate to be able to participate in the whole process of the product design, and witnessed that the product was conceived in countless days and nights, and finally was able to meet the world. He was particularly impressed, and consciously had the obligation to appeal to the pen the hardships of its birth and the ingenuity of its conception, and to uncover the mystery of Yellow Crane Tower 1916

the Yellow Crane Tower, located in the heart of the Yangtze River, sits on the top of Snake Mountain, five outside and nine inside. Its bearing will reach 280billion yuan in 2020. When you climb the tower and overlook the vast Yangtze River. The Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes produced by Wu tobacco group are named after Lou, and the shape of this eternal first floor is the main identification of the brand. It tastes elegant and mellow, the entrance is soft and the smoke is full and energetic, and has the artistic conception of "when the fragrance is thick, it turns into nothing". Thanks to the favorable weather and geographical conditions, Yellow Crane Tower cigarettes have unique advantages in historical inheritance, raw material application and technology, so it is called "heaven sent elegant fragrance"

in the first half of 2004, based on the careful analysis of the Yellow Crane Tower brand, Wuhan Tobacco Group repositioned the pe/pp alloy image of its high-end products

Yellow Crane Tower brand is summarized into seven success factors

false imagination if you can make a conductor outside graphene. 1. Good reputation of the product: elegant aroma, good hair permeability, elegant packaging, very personalized. (comments by authoritative persons in the tobacco industry)

2. Complete product and price system: with a reasonable price distribution of retail 150 yuan/piece -600 yuan/piece

3. Packaging style: the refined shape of the Yellow Crane Tower as the visual core, in-depth interpretation of the shape and meaning of the Yellow Crane Tower

4. Market entry strategy of inaction

5. Effective dealer communication and encouragement

6. Always adhere to the high-end positioning

7. Value orientation implemented around products: classic

success is not always favored. All we have to do is sum up success and move from victory to victory! The competitive environment in the high-end market was not calm at that time. The following is a list of the listing of high-end cigarettes in that year:

just before the upsurge in the high-end market, at the beginning of 2004, Wuhan Tobacco had begun to develop high-end products with a retail price of 1000 yuan/piece. It was originally scheduled to be listed in the Mid Autumn Festival, but it was delayed again and again, and finally met with consumers on November 18. The nearly one-year R & D time is an anomaly for Wuyan. As a dark horse rising in the industry, the speed of Wuyan has always been praised by the industry. For product development, the reaction speed and product skills of Wuyan have also been recognized by everyone. All this is because this product is destined to become the brightest pearl in the crown of Wu tobacco brand

the original maximum price of the Yellow Crane Tower brand was 600 yuan/piece. It is not too much to be positioned as a high-end cigarette brand, but it is inferior to a luxury brand. It is not only the lack of price, but also the lack of reasonable support in products and the lack of foundation

The strategic purpose of Yellow Crane Tower products with

1000 yuan/piece is to further promote Yellow Crane Tower as a luxury brand, and to establish an unparalleled position of the brand in the high-end market, with the goal of making luxury goods to the extreme

Yellow Crane Tower 1916 packaging brand created "sunken fish and wild geese" II

Yellow Crane Tower 1916 packaging brand created "sunken fish and wild geese" III

Yellow Crane Tower 1916 packaging brand created "sunken fish and wild geese" IV

publicity personality of "Yellow Crane Tower 1916" cigarette brand packaging

publicity personality of "Yellow Crane Tower 1916" cigarette brand packaging II

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