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Years of exploration have yielded fruitful results, and the power of the pollutant discharge permit system is increasing.

the pollutant discharge permit system is an environmental management system originated from developed countries. At present, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Japan and many other countries have implemented the emission permit system, of which the United States is one of the first countries to establish the emission permit system

years of exploration have yielded fruitful results

it is reported that since the late 1980s, China has also successively implemented the pollutant discharge permit system. About 240000 enterprises and institutions have received pollutant discharge permits, officially opening the exploration of the pollutant discharge permit system

however, industry experts generally believe that the emission permits issued during that period have achieved initial results in the past two years. However, in general, the role of the pollutant discharge permit system in promoting enterprises and institutions to implement the main body of pollution control is not prominent, and the supervision of environmental protection departments according to the permit is still not in place

based on years of beneficial exploration, on November 21, 2016, the general office of the State Council issued the "implementation plan for controlling the allowable structure of pollutant emissions and phased overcapacity, which is the centralized embodiment of the unfair product structure of the plastic processing industry", which systematically proposed the top-level design of the reform of the pollutant discharge permit system, and clearly required that the pollutant discharge permit system be built into the core system of environmental management of fixed pollution sources, Realize the "one certificate" management of fixed pollution sources, and require to take the lead in the issuance of emission permits in thermal power and paper enterprises with the best environmental management and relatively few licensing problems. By the end of 2017, complete the issuance of emission permits for enterprises in key industries identified in the "ten articles of atmosphere" and "ten articles of water" nationwide

"one certificate" management

what is "one certificate" management? It is to promote the implementation of the main body of pollution control of enterprises and institutions through emission permits, uniformly regulate and restrict the emission of air, water and other pollutants by enterprises and institutions, require enterprises to discharge pollutants with permits, carry out self-monitoring, establish accounts, regular reports and information disclosure, and increase the punishment of unlicensed or illegal discharge

the implementation of the reform of pollutant discharge permits and the implementation of "one certificate" management is conducive to the integration and connection of environmental impact assessment, total amount control and other relevant environmental management systems, is conducive to the standardization of supervision and law enforcement, and promotes the transformation of enterprises from "I want to abide by the law" to "I want to abide by the law", which is of great significance to promoting the construction of ecological civilization in Shenzhen and improving the quality of urban environment

the pollutant discharge permit not only regulates the pollutant discharge concentration of the enterprise, but also the total discharge, which requires environmental protection departments and enterprises to have high pollutant monitoring and statistical capabilities. A monitoring and statistical scheme with strong timeliness and high accuracy e: put the whole into the low-temperature box for regular accounting of enterprise emissions. However, due to the large number of enterprises and the general lack of strength in emission monitoring and statistics in all regions, there is a situation of "emphasizing certification and neglecting supervision" in all regions to varying degrees

the implementation of the new system needs to be guaranteed

for this reason, the necessary regulatory accountability mechanism cannot be less. We should strengthen the internal accountability of environmental supervision, the cadre evaluation mechanism, improve the environmental supervision and supervision system, and enhance the motivation of local governments at all levels to strengthen environmental supervision; We should improve public participation, establish and improve the environmental public interest litigation system

it is also necessary to publicly publicize the relevant information of the enterprises that have obtained the emission license, including production information, emission information, what standards the flue gas in the thermal power industry implements, monitoring requirements, emission outlet position 2, adopting the dual pump oil supply system, emission destination, etc; We should increase the supervision before, during and after the issuance of licenses, and increase the cost of violations; It is more necessary to implement joint and several measures, such as who is in charge, who is responsible, and so on

in a word, whether the new pollution discharge permit can be used effectively depends on the implementation. To ensure that it is implemented in place, supervision cannot be absent. Nowadays, the content of the new pollution discharge permit is rich and specific, which is more targeted for the regulatory authorities when carrying out environmental protection law enforcement. As long as we crack down on illegal and illegal pollution discharge, we can effectively control and reduce pollutant discharge

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