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The intelligent application of tablet computers will drive the new development trend of entertainment industry in the future

with the wide application of wireless communication (3.5G, Wi Fi, Bluetooth) in daily life, many industries have also begun to use related products. In order to pay attention to multiple applications and mobility, the built-in wireless network device of tablet computers has become a popular star commodity in the industry, mainly used in terminal use Customer service or other different industries; These industries include the entertainment industry, which has invested a lot of money in electronic information related equipment. The entertainment industry needs to meet higher product requirements in terms of machinery and equipment, such as long life cycle, solid and sophisticated design. Therefore, solid industrial computers are often used instead of general consumer products

through the combination of Wi Fi wireless function and tablet computer intelligence, customers can play their favorite entertainment games anytime and anywhere. Just through a simple safe login step, they can link the entertainment system set in the entertainment venue, obtain the entertainment and game information provided, and manage the interruption of personal account load, size changes and services. Weiqiang industrial computer has been deeply engaged in the entertainment industry for a long time. Two years ago, it found that the entertainment industry needs wireless communication. Therefore, it developed the ieimobile tablet computer series icerock, which created a new business model for operators and gave customers a more timely and personalized game experience

for entertainment operators, every entertainment enthusiast is very important. How to attract consumers to experience in entertainment venues, and even seamlessly engage in entertainment activities on various occasions, such as hotel rooms and restaurants, is the most important issue for operators. In addition to providing game occasions without space and time constraints, and providing the most considerate and appropriate services, it also provides users with unique entertainment experience through multiple functions combined with tablet intelligence, and even surpasses the expectations of ordinary people on tablet computers to enhance consumers' impression of entertainment activities, which also affects the future development of the entertainment industry

Weiqiang industrial computer has developed ieimobile tablet computer series icerock for the entertainment industry

Weiqiang industrial computer has developed ieimobile tablet computer series icerock for the entertainment industry

the combination of tablet computers and Internet applications provides a convenient experience when entering the entertainment hall

taking icerock, a Weiqiang industrial computer ieimobile tablet computer series, as an example, through intelligent application combined services, the service staff allows customers to record their identities and data for each guest by using icerock's built-in camera, and send timely information to icerock and the servers in the entertainment hall through the infinite communication equipment in the entertainment hall, On the one hand, it enables service personnel to have customer information in time. On the other hand, it can also record customer behavior to deal with emergencies under the promotion of the new Internet

it also correspondingly reduces the number of customers who can bring a tablet computer into the room if they stay in a hotel in an entertainment venue, and the tablet computer can be transformed into a computer with wireless access function. In addition, the base hanging on the wall has placement and charging functions. Users can place the machine for charging when they enter the door. They can also access it at any time after leaving the room and entering the entertainment hall. They can also synchronously project the tablet computer image to the TV through the VGA video connection to enjoy more wonderful audio-visual effects. Tenants can also use the built-in 1.3 megapixel lens, headphones and microphone to connect to the road, which can become an interphone between IP phone and service personnel, Or as an external communication platform

in addition, there are often some performances or activities in the amusement park. Operators can transmit the latest performance information to consumers through the intelligent application of tablet computers and networks. The plastic that is not expected to be recycled can only be directly burned or buried, attracting consumers to participate in the activities and increasing hotel revenue. For example, consumers can also take advantage of icerock's intelligent and considerate services to watch performances, purchase tickets or book seats on the Internet, so that consumers can enjoy diversified and rich moments in the entertainment venues

in addition to significantly improving the service quality and service speed, the amusement park manager can track these consumer activities through the back-end server. The service staff can connect the headset and microphone through the Bluetooth transmission technology, and use the internal Wi Fi AP of the amusement park to have a dialogue or video discussion with the use of IP phone and other functions. These multi-functional and intelligent applications can be easily integrated into icerock products, Reduce the trouble for consumers to carry a variety of communication electronic devices, and facilitate CRM customer analysis and recording through database information recording. Therefore, icerock plays the role of front-end information capture and recording. When consumers use the ieimobile icerock tablet computer, through system management and tracking, icerock plays the function of system analysis and evaluation of users' hobbies and interests, so as to provide the best entertainment experience, so as to continuously improve and provide more close to consumers' needs, and increase the return visit rate of consumers

unlike tablet computers of general consumer products, Weiqiang industrial computer provides SDK (software development kit) and 8 programmable function keys, which can be customized according to the different needs of each operator. The most commonly used function keys are quickly set to simplify the execution of multiple applications only relying on one key. Through such more intelligent value-added applications, Provide consumers with a completely new experience that is completely different from the traditional entertainment places

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IEI Technology Corp. is a leader in Taiwan's industrial computer industry and one of the world's major industrial computer manufacturers. Weiqiang industrial computer is a subsidiary of ICP group. In Q1 2008, Weiqiang Shanghai Branch (Shanghai Weiqiang Industrial Computer Co., Ltd.) was established in Shanghai to serve local customers in China

since its establishment, Weiqiang has always adhered to the customer-oriented development concept, and has won a high reputation in technology development, product design, customized products, business marketing and customer service. Weiqiang has successfully launched more than 400 products, including industrial tablet computers, industrial personal computers, embedded computers, industrial motherboards, single board computers, industrial Ethernet switches, network storage devices, network multimedia devices, network security devices, servers, integrated workstations, LCD computers, flash disk drives, pc/104 products, power supplies, backplanes and other products. Weiqiang's products can be applied in many computer related fields, such as industrial control, automation, medical equipment, POS (point of sale) system, network application, security system, national defense technology, GPS global positioning system, automatic toll collection device, police equipment, transportation equipment, unmanned computer room, base station, CTI (network communication integration) system, etc. In addition, in addition to selling brand products, Weiqiang also provides oem/odm customized services to meet the needs of all customers. Looking forward to the future, Weiqiang will continue to focus on the improvement of R & D and manufacturing technology, with the long-term goal of being the best partner of relevant partners. For details, please visit:

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ICP group is a listed company in Taiwan. It has a number of brand subsidiaries, which are spread across unused application industries. In 2005, Weida Power Group officially announced the separation of OEM and brand management, and established the Chinese Mainland OEM headquarters core Weida Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. as a unique electronic manufacturing service (UEMS) provider, it has successfully assisted customers and partners in different industries in China and around the world to develop products, including manufacturing, communications, transportation, banking, entertainment, etc. In 2000, Xingwei Computer (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. was founded, which mainly produces various sheet metal chassis shells, industrial control special equipment, instrument components and other related products. Its brand companies, including IEI, oring, QNAP and blockbuster, provide customers with a series of products from industrial computers, industrial Ethernet switches, network memory and medical displays. For details, please visit:

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