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Intellectualization is the hot spot of the development of electrical technology.

intellectualization is the hot spot and focus of the development of electrical technology at present and in the future, and is the commanding height of the economy and technology in the 21st century

(I). Intellectualization is the hot spot and focus of the current and future development of electrical technology. It is the economic and Technological Development in the 21st century. To a certain extent, it disperses the capital and resource advantages. Abb and Siemens are very concerned about the intelligent electrical system being developed in China. With the development of microelectronics technology, power electronics technology, computer control technology and network communication technology, an intelligent electrical component with digital processing technology as the core came into being. It is a new type of electrical appliance that combines computer, digital processing technology and electrical control technology, and has initially formed a low-voltage intelligent distribution center and an intelligent motor control center. In China, intelligent electrical appliances have been gradually applied to Expressway and urban intelligent transportation. For example, the expressway monitoring system developed by Shanghai Electric Appliance Research Institute includes advanced communication information, service system, lighting system, electronic toll collection system, emergency assistance system, etc

(II) due to the emergence of new sensors and the development of computers, the electricity, magnetism, temperature, switching machinery and mechanism inside the switch are representative among similar domestic products. Progressiveness action status monitoring has become possible. When the switchgear itself fails, it can send a warning notice for maintenance in time by using electrical intelligent technology. It can also use electrical intelligent technology and electrical theory, It can realize the best breaking control and automatic switching of electrical switches, and can carry out fault diagnosis and monitoring through accurate instruments, including the monitoring of service life in operation, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic control. This time, I visited Mr company in Europe. Mr company's products are global famous brands, which are specially equipped with on load tap changers for transformers, with a market share of more than 65%. They are studying how to make the transformer operate reliably, dynamically detect the internal oil level, winding temperature, insulation strength, partial discharge and other aspects of the transformer, and connect it with the main control room through sensor, optical cable technology and electronic pointer thermometer. The operators can know the operating conditions of the transformer from the computer without going to the site. Moreover, the on load switch is also equipped with a mechanical relay protector, which can see the contact wear, three-phase disconnection, switching, etc., so as to realize the combination of electrical intelligence and electrical automation, electrical intelligence, electrical communication and computer monitoring network technology, electrical intelligence and electromagnetic compatibility technology, electrical intelligent automatic switching, self breaking and dynamic operation detection. From the perspective of information flow, the information sources of protection (including fault recording) and control measurement are from the site. The protection mainly collects the fault abnormal state information of primary equipment. In this regard, XJ Group, Beijing Sifang, Sifang Huaneng, Nanzi general plant, Nanzi Institute, Nari plant, and Chang'an group have made fruitful research and development work in consideration of this parameter

(III). With the sustained and high-speed development of the power industry, the high-voltage switch and medium and low-voltage switch industries will face great opportunities and have a great development

in terms of ultra-high voltage, GIS will have a broad market. Due to the west to East power transmission, the state decided to start the 750kV power transmission project. Therefore, 800kvgis must be developed accordingly. At the same time, as the backbone frame in China, the consumption of 500kvgis will increase year by year. If the components with intelligent electrical functions can penetrate into the high-voltage switch, it will be of great significance to ensure the reliability of the transmission line. In the future, the operation mode of substation automation will gradually transition from unattended and attended to unattended. This mode should be vigorously promoted. Therefore, remote control warning technology (fire prevention, anti-theft, waterproof, anti steam, anti leakage, etc.) and remote monitoring technology will be rapidly developed. The implementation of unattended operation mode of substation automation system largely depends on the reliability of equipment. The equipment referred to here is not only automation equipment, but also the main electrical equipment

the demand for medium and low voltage switches will increase accordingly. For example, at present, 12kV vacuum circuit breaker has an absolute advantage in China, which can generally meet the requirements of power transmission and distribution. Special circuit breakers should also be developed, such as ultra large capacity vacuum circuit breaker (generator circuit breaker), which can operate frequently and ultra frequently, low-voltage true air circuit breaker and synchronous vacuum circuit breaker

at present, most medium and low-voltage switchgear are air insulated. Siemens, abb and Schneider are mainly focusing on the development of miniaturization, oil-free, combination, simulation and intelligence. They inspect the deformation process and damage of materials through tightening experiments, so as to realize the multifunction of circuit breakers and the combination of disconnectors and grounding switches. According to China's national conditions, SF6 insulated switchgear (commonly known as inflatable cabinet) should be vigorously developed in the future. At present, some factories have been developing and producing such cabinets, and a small amount of them have been put on the market. This kind of cabinet has the advantages of small size, no environmental impact, high reliability, and is very popular with users

in the combined box type substation market, users require to use more SF6 load disconnectors in the future to miniaturize the combined box type substation as a whole. On the shell, in addition to the metal shell (steel structure or aluminum structure), it can also use a variety of materials (such as glass fiber shell) as in America and Europe, and its appearance is coordinated with the environment, becoming a scenic spot in public places rather than an obstacle. At the same time, the combined box type substation can also be installed with a monitoring system to dynamically detect the operation status and play the role of control and protection

(IV) in order to realize the great leap forward development in the future, our country should have a corresponding change from quantity to quality in terms of power generation, transmission, distribution and electrical equipment, especially the "qualitative" leap

our electrical industry should keep forging ahead, constantly innovate in science and technology, and create a world famous brand

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