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Midea intelligent Baize 600g water purifier mro1782d

this Midea intelligent Baize 600g water purifier mro1782d-600g seems to be recommended by the evaluation. It uses TDS intelligent faucet and is a bucket free pure water machine. Later, it was planted in a certain East and shared the experience of using it for a period of time: the water purifier is very small, has a high appearance, does not take up space, and greatly saves kitchen space. It is simple to install, has a good mute effect, has good quality, and is very high-grade. It's easy to replace the filter element. The water output is very high, the water connection is very fast, it's very convenient to use, and the installation is clean It is safer to use the tensile strength and deformation rate after the water appliance. Adults and children at home are very relieved. The installer is also quite professional. Quite satisfied overall

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I. JD event price of Midea intelligent Baize 600g water purifier:

JD price: ¥ 2698.00

JD event link:

II Configuration parameters of Midea intelligent Baize 600g water purifier:

filtration principle: reverse osmosis

rated net water volume: 5000l

flow (l/min) : 1.5l

water quality requirements: municipal tap water

ro membrane specification: 600 gallons

drinking water: direct drinking

recovery/wastewater ratio: 2:1

outlet temperature: constant temperature water

filter element grade: 5

installation method: kitchen type

whether static load or dynamic load test

water pressure range (MPA): 0 4mpa

temperature range (℃): 4~38 ℃

whether there is a pressure bucket: no bucket

III. Midea intelligent Baize 600g water purifier other users' comments:

Midea's big brand water purifier is good. Take photos in the afternoon and arrive in the morning the next day. Turn on the tap and there is water immediately. The water is very large. The purified water is sweet and delicious. It is very smart. You can connect to the app to check it, The condition of the water purifier and filter element is very smart and reassuring. The installers, who came in with shoe covers and work numbers, were dressed neatly and installed with great care. My house was dirty. He cleaned my kitchen very clean. After the installation, the master also introduced me how to use the functions. The service provided by Midea staff was very good, praised the products, and the installation service was also of a high standard. They were very reassured when they bought Midea in JD's own store, We use Midea for electrical appliances. Midea's service is up to standard. We highly praise the copyright protection of

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