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Intelligent automation and its application in the manufacturing of instruments and meters

intelligent science and technology is fully revitalized

today, there are many branches of intelligent science and technology, which are thriving and have achieved rapid development at home and abroad, such as fuzzy logic, genetic algorithm, neural network, expert system, human simulated intelligence, rough set theory, matter-element extension method, knowledge engineering, pattern recognition, qualitative control, wavelet analysis, fractal geometry, chaos control Data fusion technology and so on, are really Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each showing his magic power. Each of them has its own advantages and combines with each other to complement each other

artificial neural network is the basic technology in intelligent science and technology. Its connection mechanism is juxtaposed with the symbolic reasoning mechanism of artificial intelligence, and it has become the two camps of intelligent science and technology. It simulates the anatomical and physiological characteristics of the human brain. It is connected by many parallel simple neurons with a certain topological structure. It not only accepts external information, but also stimulates each other. It is better at distributed storage, associative memory, feedback refinement, black box mapping, weight balance, dynamic approximation, holographic storage, fault tolerance and loss prevention. In addition, it is connected by a large number of neurons to form a strong ability of self-learning, self adaptation, self-organization, self diagnosis and self repair, The constant feedback and dynamic analysis of the weight intensity between the network nodes, and the close cooperation with the language and audio-visual man-machine interface, can automatically obtain the rich knowledge and experience of human experts, simulate the logical reasoning, image thinking and Inspiration of the human brain, appropriately deal with all kinds of inaccurate, imperfect and uncertain information, and draw correct conclusions through reasoning

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fuzzy logic simulates the uncertain concept judgment and reasoning thinking mode of human brain. For the description system with unknown or uncertain model, as well as the control objects with strong nonlinearity and large delay, fuzzy sets and fuzzy rules are used for reasoning, expressing transitional boundaries or qualitative knowledge and experience, simulating the human brain mode, and implementing fuzzy comprehensive judgment, Reasoning solves the regular fuzzy information problem which is difficult to deal with by conventional methods. Fuzzy logic is good at expressing qualitative knowledge and experience with unclear boundaries. With the help of the concept of membership function, it distinguishes fuzzy sets, handles fuzzy relations, simulates the human brain to implement rule-based reasoning, and solves various uncertain problems caused by the logic breach of the law of exclusion

genetic algorithm is a search method that uses the characteristics of electron beam search to suppress the explosion of computation in the search space. It can fully search the solution space at multiple points, use genetic algorithm, repeatedly cross, and work in the way of mutation to simulate the internal diversity of things and the high adaptability to environmental changes. Its characteristics are strong flexibility, and can avoid falling into local minima at the same time, so that the problem can quickly converge globally, It is a kind of autonomous decentralized system that can use multiple information globally. The evolvable hardware (EHW) made by evolutionary methods such as genetic algorithm (GA) can produce novel circuits that exceed the technical synthesis of existing models and the designer's ability, especially the unique global optimization performance of GA, so that its self-learning, self-adaptive, self-organization and self evolution ability can be brought into full play, which is conducive to automatic synthesis, extended large-scale parallel processing (MPP) and real-time and flexible configuration in unmanned space The function level EHW based on EPGA is called to solve the complex problem of uncertainty in multi-dimensional space, and the course is opened

expert system is a problem solving or control system that collects and applies the knowledge and experience of human experts, simulates the methods of experts to deal with knowledge and solve problems, and compiles a computer intelligent software system. Under the condition of continuously obtaining feedback information through man-machine combination, it can make independent decisions on rules, cases and models in real time. This kind of computer intelligent system is enlightening, transparent and flexible. Without the influence of time, space and environment, it can complete the work efficiently, accurately, thoroughly, quickly and tirelessly. Its problem-solving ability and breadth of knowledge can surpass that of human experts. It also overcomes the deviation and error caused by human experts' negligence, forgetfulness, tension, fatigue and other interference factors. Therefore, its popularization The application has great economic and social benefits

pattern recognition is an intelligent decision-making method and technology that simulates the image thinking of human brain and identifies, judges and processes things according to their characteristics, images or relations. It is widely used in scientific research and production and is a technical method with great value

rough set theory deals with the data set obtained in the measurement through discrete normalization. Through the algebraic operation based on the indiscernible relationship of set elements, it uses a large number of useful features and effective data discovery knowledge in the condition and result attributes to obtain the core value in the preliminary simplified calculation of decision rules, and then further simplifies the rules and selects the minimum decision algorithm for practical application according to the problem requirements, Remove redundant attributes from a large amount of information, and reduce the dimension of information space and the number of attributes. It can greatly simplify the network structure and the number of samples, and shorten the training time. It is a fundamental analysis method in intelligent technology. This method is based on the measurement data set to obtain knowledge, so it is of great significance to the intelligent development of virtual instrument

chaotic motion is a highly unstable motion limited to finite phase space in a deterministic system. It is an order in disorder, which makes things show some kind of chaos on the surface in long-term behavior. The characteristics of chaos are the orderliness hidden behind non periodicity and the sensitive dependence on initial conditions. By making full use of the characteristics of chaos, we can implement various magical applications in intelligent information processing, such as nonlinear decision-making and prediction, nonlinear system identification, pattern recognition, image data compression, high-performance confidentiality, multi-objective search, as well as infinitely rich and wonderful computer painting

fractal theory studies the non smooth and non differentiable geometric bodies produced by nonlinear systems and the proportional self similarity of their internal structures. It provides a powerful tool and method for studying and mastering the motion and change laws of all complex things in nature

wavelet analysis is the backbone and the most perfect crystallization of modern analytical mathematics. Visually, wavelet refers to the shortest and simplest oscillation wave with the same positive and negative and attenuation that can be observed by people; Mathematically speaking, the wavelet function f (T) is a window function with three central conditions. It can not only describe the localization characteristics of the signal in the time domain and frequency domain, but also completely retain all the information of the signal. It also has the property of zoom, that is, it has a very narrow time window for the high-frequency signal that appears only instantaneously, but also has a wide transformation of different scales in the low-frequency band. The essence of wavelet analysis is to reflect the wave particle duality of the world of things and the dialectical relationship between local and overall multi-level presentation. Its most attractive feature lies in its time-frequency positioning and multi-scale approximation ability. It has achieved fruitful results in many fields, such as adaptive control, robust control, nonlinear control, process identification, neural network putting forward the basic requirements of 8gwh per year for downstream power battery enterprises, etc. Fractal and chaos are essentially the same two aspects. Chaotic events show similar change patterns at different times, while fractal shows similarity at spatial scale. Chaos focuses on its complex process of instability, divergence and convergence, while fractal is an intuitive geometric language to describe chaotic motion. The organic combination of chaos, fractal and wavelet analysis has very rich connotation and profound philosophy. It will not only provide a powerful tool for solving major fine and micro scientific and technological problems such as automatic assembly of material molecules, high-speed gene sequencing and efficient protein structure prediction, but also open up bright prospects for the virtualization, networking and intelligence of instruments and meters

matter element extension method is based on the comparison and optimization of a variety of known general decisions, according to the needs of incompatible contradictions at all levels and stages, and then breaks through the conventional and expansionary creative decision-making skills, grasps the key strategies, and maximizes the satisfaction of the main system. Incompatible contradictions are transformed into compatible relations, so as to achieve the overall optimal decision-making goal. It is a powerful means to resolve secondary contradictions, major contradictions and key problems in complex systems. It will also make a significant contribution to the development process of virtualization, networking and intelligence of instruments and meters

data fusion technology is a technical method to comprehensively calculate the overall optimal representation value of the characteristic attribute according to its importance and reliability in the whole system. It is an optimized measurement and representation technology for the attributes of complex things, which is of great significance to the development and research of high technology

in a word, the intelligent technology in today's world is developing rapidly and comprehensively

II. Application of intelligent technology in instrumentation and measurement

the application of intelligent automation technology is penetrating into the instrumentation industry in an all-round way

(1) application in the improvement of instrument structure and performance

firstly, intelligent automation technology opens up a broad prospect for the application of instruments and measurement in related fields. Using intelligent software and hardware, each instrument or instrument can accurately analyze and process the current and previous data information at any time, and properly abstract the measurement process from low, medium and high levels, so as to improve the performance and efficiency of the existing measurement system and expand the functions of the traditional measurement system, such as using intelligent technologies such as neural network, genetic algorithm, evolutionary computation, chaos control, etc., so that the instruments and meters can achieve high-speed, high-efficiency Multi function, high mobility and flexibility

secondly, micro chip technologies such as microprocessors and microcontrollers can also be used in different instruments and meters of the decentralized system to design fuzzy control programs, set the critical values of various measurement data, and use the fuzzy reasoning technology of fuzzy rules to make various types of fuzzy decisions on various fuzzy relations of things. Its advantage is that it does not need to establish the mathematical model of the controlled object, nor does it need a large number of test data. It only needs to summarize the appropriate control rules according to experience, apply the off-line calculation and on-site debugging of the chip, and produce accurate analysis and on-time control actions according to our needs and accuracy

especially in sensor measurement, intelligent automation technology is more widely used. Using software to realize signal filtering, such as fast Fourier transform, short-time Fourier transform, wavelet transform and other technologies, is an effective way to simplify the hardware, improve the signal-to-noise ratio and improve the dynamic characteristics of the sensor. However, it is necessary to determine the dynamic mathematical model of the sensor, and the real-time performance of the high-order filter is poor. Using neural network technology, high-performance autocorrelation filtering and adaptive filtering can be realized. Making full use of the strong self-learning, self-adapting and self-organizing ability of artificial neural network technology, association and memory functions, and the black box mapping between the input and output of nonlinear complex relationships, it will greatly surpass the complex functional formula in terms of applicability, fast real-time performance and other aspects. It can make full use of multi-sensor resources and comprehensively obtain more accurate and reliable conclusions. Among them, real-time and non real-time, fast changing and slow changing, fuzzy and deterministic data information may support each other or contradict each other. At this time, object feature extraction

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