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Intel releases the fifth generation of intelligent core Borui processor family

Intel (China) Co., Ltd. has released the fifth generation of intelligent Intel Core Borui processor family to Chinese users, and is committed to bringing a new office environment for enterprises with cutting-edge technology. In order to meet the diversified needs of enterprises and employees for mobility and work environment, the new generation of Intel Core Borui processors not only made bold innovations in wireless functions, but also faster and easier to manage, which not only improved the productivity of employees, but also maintained the competitiveness of enterprises

the younger generation growing up in the network era has gradually become the backbone of enterprises and society. Intel's philosophy is meeting the needs of the younger generation of employees and stimulating their imagination and creativity to the greatest extent. Three features of the new 5th generation intelligent Intel Core Borui processor family make it possible to work better and provide users and enterprises with a better office experience: PC innovative design, wireless display and wireless docking station

Intel Pro widi technology makes every presentation room a wireless space. While providing users with enhanced availability, presenters can have more flexible control and have very good privacy. In addition, the technology also supports major IT requirements. For example, the use of wireless channel management can reduce the risk of network congestion and security vulnerabilities, and can effectively manage and update remote adapters

selection of Intel control system in addition to user elements, Intel Wireless docking enables users to be connected and ready for work at the moment they walk to their desks. This secure, manageable and cable free technology is based on Intel Wireless Gigabit technology. In addition, thanks to Intel Wireless Gigabit no network technology, the computer system can automatically connect the computer display, keyboard, mouse and USB interface, which can eliminate the traditional mechanical connection

our goal is to enable all users to have a better and simpler way of working, so as to eliminate the growing business challenges in today's business environment. Tom garrison, Intel vice president and general manager of commercial client platform, said that devices based on the fifth generation intelligent Intel cool Bray processors are designed to eliminate the clutter and heavy load cables, Improve the user experience and help them have computing power anywhere

Mr. jiaruisheng, vice president of Intel and general manager of commercial client platform, shows the latest PC tablet 2-in-1 product based on the 5th generation intelligent Intel Core Bray processor

14 new pc/tablet 2-in-1 devices, ultrabooks, and Slim flip notebook is now available

the fifth generation of intelligent Intel Core Bray processors will bring changes to the future working environment, and will also bring hundreds of billions of dollars of productivity improvements to enterprises of all sizes through flexible polyurethane chemical reaction industry. By removing cables for computing devices and providing better performance and battery life, as well as optimized shape design for mobile office, Intel is delivering a truly excellent business platform to transform the office mode of employees

today, there are a variety of computing devices available to enterprise users, such as pc/tablet two in one devices, ultrabooks, ultra-thin flip notebooks and mini PCs. Compared with the old computer four years ago, the new product based on the fifth generation intelligent Intel Core Braun processor has doubled the battery life. 2. The performance has been improved by more than two times; Thanks to the improved shape design, the thickness of the new computer has been reduced by more than three times and the weight has been reduced by 50%

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