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Intelligent access control security management system


biometric identification technology is a technology that uses human biometrics for identity authentication. Biometrics are unique (different from others) physiological characteristics or behavior modes that can be measured or automatically identified and verified. These characteristics have the inherent uniqueness and relative stability of the human body in a certain period of time. They cannot be copied, stolen or forgotten. It is because of these characteristics that biometric technology is used for identity recognition, which is safe, reliable and correct. As the products of biometric technology are realized with the help of computer technology, and can be easily combined with the computer security, monitoring and management system, they have been widely used in the security management of access control

the access control security system integrates the computer automatic identification technology and the modern security management system, and applies a comprehensive new technology of electronics, machinery, computer technology, communication technology, optical technology, biotechnology and other categories. It is an effective measure to solve the problem of security management at the entrances and exits of important departments. Therefore, to be familiar with the entrance and exit security access control system is the only way to master absolute security, and the full application of the security access control system can effectively prevent it from happening

at present, the access control security system has been widely used in banks, hotels, villas, computer rooms, armory, confidential rooms, offices, warehouses, intelligent residential areas, factories, etc

the access control system applies modern electronic and information technology. It is an electronic automatic system that allows people (or objects) to enter and leave the building at the entrance and exit, and implements release, rejection, recording and alarm. It is also known as the channel control system. The port equipment of the system is various entrance and exit target recognition devices and door lock opening and closing devices - actuators. The transmission mode is usually special line or network transmission. The terminal of the system is display/control/communication equipment, which can adopt independent controllers. In the future, the high nickel battery can implement centralized monitoring and control of various controllers through the computer network. Access control security management system must be linked with anti-theft alarm system, video monitoring system and fire control system to truly and effectively achieve security

with the rapid development of computer technology, the access control security management system has developed rapidly. Today, the access control security management system has gone beyond the simple doorway key management, and has developed into a complete set of electronic automatic access management system

components and functions

the security access control system is generally composed of access control master equipment, access card reader, card, electric control lock, access control software, power supply and related access control application equipment:

I. access control master equipment: the access control master equipment is the core part of the access control system, and its function is equivalent to the CPU of the computer. It is responsible for the processing, storage and control of the input and output information of the whole system. It verifies the reliability of the input information of the access card reader, and judges its validity according to the access rules. If it is valid, it will send an action signal to the executive part

II. Access card reader: read the data and biometric information in the card and transmit these information to the access controller

III. card: the electronic key for opening the door of the access control system. The key can be a magnetic card, IC card, ID card and other cards with related functions (the card can print the cardholder's personal photo, and the opening card and chest card can be combined into one)

IV. electric magnetic lock: it is the executive part of the access control system. The electric magnetic lock is open when the power is off, which meets the fire protection requirements. And equipped with a variety of installation structure types for customers to choose. According to one-way wooden doors, glass doors, metal fire doors and two-way opposite opening, how should we solve such problems? Today, StarTech will introduce to you how to deal with the inaccurate measurement data of 1 pull down testing machine. Different types of electric magnetic locks can be selected for different technical requirements, such as electric doors

v. access control software: responsible for the monitoring, management and query of access control system. The management personnel can monitor and manage the status of the access door and the working condition of the access control system controller through the access control software, and can adjust and expand the functions such as patrol, attendance and personnel positioning

VI. power supply and related access control application equipment: power supply is the energy responsible for the entire access control system and is a very important component (if the access control system has no power supply, the entire access control system will be in a paralyzed state). For other access control application equipment, such as the exit button, press once to open the door opening equipment, which is applicable to the situation that there is no restriction on exit. Door magnetism: used to detect the safety/opening/closing status of the door

selection and application of card readers

because the access control security products have huge market potential, it is developing very fast. At present, there are many categories of access control card readers in the market, and their internal quality and quality are very different. Therefore, high-quality brands must be used in the selection. Foreign famous brands hid - Hughes, indala - the original Motorola is the preferred product. In addition, the following points must be paid attention to when selecting card readers:

first, it is prohibited to select multiple compatible card readers, because card readers and cards are the first line of defense of the entire access control security management system. Excessive compatibility is easy to cause duplicate card numbers, thus greatly reducing the security of the access control security management system

II. The product shall have a special encryption function to completely eliminate the duplication of card numbers

III. a product supplier that strictly controls the card number must be selected so that its long-term stable supply and card number are not repeated

visitors can quickly pass through the management system - the Office Depot of Derui seashore supermarket in Florida, USA, is the world's largest office supplies automated warehouse, and hundreds of people visit it every day for work. Since the September 11 incident, for all commercial departments, the application of access control management system in the commercial field has risen rapidly to a higher level and attracted people's attention, For this purpose, the "visitors' rapid passing management system" developed and designed successfully solves this challenge

technical application standard of security access control system

I. functional standard - the rapid development of society, science and technology naturally promotes the rapid development of access control security management system, so its application scope is becoming more and more extensive. It not only has access control for personnel, but also includes access control, attendance management, security alarm, vehicle parking lot control management, building elevator control Building automation and other system linkage control and many other functions

II. Security standard - access control security management system 1. The system for detecting the service life of metal materials is used to protect the safety of property and related personnel

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