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Intelligent and healthy cockpit has become the focus of the intelligent battlefield of major automobile enterprises

with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent vehicle, self-adaptive endurance, reversing image and other highly practical scientific and technological configurations have become the standard configuration of 100000 class independent brand cars. With the increasing demands of consumers on vehicle interior workmanship and technology configuration, the new concept of intelligent cockpit was born

when it comes to smart cockpit, we have to mention our own brands, especially after SAIC Roewe put forward the concept of connected car, the smart cockpit officially began to develop. Although the industry has not put forward a clear concept of the intelligent cockpit, it is fundamentally to meet the needs of different users in the car through various intelligent means, which is more intelligent and humanized than the traditional cockpit space

at this stage, the intelligent cockpit is based on the vehicle and machine carried by the car. It feeds back the needs of users through a series of intelligent programs and configurations, so as to meet the needs of users. This is the development direction of the intelligent cockpit at this stage

nowadays, intelligent driving and automatic driving have become a new development direction in the automotive field. Intelligent cockpit is essential for automatic driving and intelligent driving, and the first response of intelligent cockpit is "big screen". Since the introduction of Tesla mod hydraulic universal testing machine in 2012, which is divided into microcomputer screen display hydraulic universal testing machine and electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine El s, the vehicle mounted large screen has become a popular fashion for automobiles. However, it has been proved through practice that Tesla's mode of controlling all functions with one screen can not improve the convenience of driving, and there are certain potential safety hazards. Therefore, most independent brands divide the display screen in the car into three or four pieces, and each screen has its own unique functions

take the full LCD dashboard as an example. It can not only adjust the theme of the dashboard according to the user's preferences, but also realize the release of navigation maps and the display of many driving information. Roewe, Changan and other independent brands have even realized ar intelligent navigation, thus avoiding the driver's distraction from the central control or when driving, which not only improves the driving technology, but also greatly improves the driving safety

as we all know, Huawei, known as the "light of the nation", has made great breakthroughs in 5g technology. 5g technology is very important for automatic driving and vehicle road coordination. Officially, 5g technology plays a key role in the development of intelligent cockpit, and it is also a great opportunity for many independent enterprises with in-depth research in the field of intelligent cockpit

at present, Huawei has established a 5g automotive ecosystem with 18 enterprises to provide technical and chip support for partners, which has greatly accelerated the development of the domestic intelligent cockpit field. Industry insiders believe that the rise of intelligent cockpit, like intelligence, is bound to show exponential growth. According to the prediction of professionals, the scale of China's intelligent cockpit market will reach 56.68 billion yuan by 2020 and 103 billion yuan by 2025. The huge market prospect also gives enterprises great impetus for development

after the COVID-19, air quality safety has become a new topic of concern. During the epidemic period, the government encouraged people to travel in private cars and try to avoid using public transport. In this process, the air quality safety in cars has become a new hot spot, and the high year of "healthy cockpit" has been born

the so-called healthy cabin is to treat the air entering the self tapping screw of gb/t 3098.5 ⑵ 000 fastener mechanical properties in the vehicle through the air conditioning system, so as to achieve the purpose of higher air quality in the vehicle. New technologies such as N95 air filter element and ultraviolet sterilization of air conditioning system have also emerged, providing consumers with a safer riding environment

under the background of the rapid development of science and technology, the intelligent health cockpit will be standard. In the new market competition, the one who gets the consumer's approval first will win. In the domestic automotive field, with the help of domestic 5. Electronic tensile testing machine, the shapes of experimental materials are divided into: round, square, tubular, linear, ribbon, mesh, foil, etc; With the development of 5g technology, Beidou satellite and other advanced technologies, the domestic science and technology cockpit will surely take the lead in the world in the future

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