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On April 14, Shanghai Unicom held a pledge meeting for the protection of the World Expo. Shanghai Unicom will provide triple protection of networks, services and products and six innovative businesses for the World Expo

in order to ensure smooth communication, China Unicom has expanded and upgraded the network capacity of Shanghai according to the standard of 800000 users on extreme peak days, which can meet the needs of mobile voice and high-speed data services in dense areas during the World Expo. Only in the network construction of the Expo site, China Unicom has successively built 13 macro base stations and 210 indoor coverage to realize the full coverage of China Unicom's mobile services. It also expanded the capacity of Pudong Airport, Hongqiao hub, new subway stations, railway stations, long-distance bus stations, entry docks, key business areas of hotels, tourist attractions and other important places

at the same time, three 2.5G transmission halos have been established, which can provide relevant information of metal and alloy materials' response to mechanical load, providing high-speed channels for various rich services. In addition, a GSM short message center with a capacity of 2400 pieces/second will be built; The MMS center will be expanded to 200 pieces/s to meet the communication business needs during the World Expo

in order to ensure the Expo service, Shanghai Unicom has finally refined more than 20 Expo special service measures from the aspects of business hall and service points, 10010 customer service, VIP service, complaints and electronic channels, focusing on "differentiation, convenience and humanization", including Chinese-English bilingual video service, 3G exclusive service, ten languages, business hall love green channel, etc., so that users can fully enjoy the roaming range, terminal The greatest freedom and convenience in business functions and special services

in terms of product assurance, Shanghai Unicom has provided six innovative services, including swiping the Expo business card version, slim patch card, strawberry international card, expo news, Expo navigation, Expo yellow pages, etc

among them, slim patch card and strawberry international card are tailor-made personal services for international users. After an ultra-thin SIM card is attached to the original SIM card and placed in the SIM card slot together, the original operator card can be automatically combined with the SIM card menu of China Unicom 3G/2G card. Users can switch between two numbers freely by using one computer, so as to realize the function of one computer with double cards and double numbers. By using strawberry international card and dialing the unified access number 962288, you can get many free information such as tourism, catering and accommodation, and provide 17 languages including English, French and German, which saves the worries of international tourists who are in a foreign land and have no voice

in addition, as a basic public network service provider, Shanghai Unicom has also participated in the communication construction of national venues such as Finland, Norway and Spain. From May to October, with five Unicom venue days, Shanghai Unicom will carry out theme publicity activities here. In the Finnish Pavilion, China Unicom built a 3.5G HSPA + network. People will also have the opportunity to taste a series of wonderful communication experiences in the development and construction of salt lake resources, such as e-coupon electronic consumption voucher, ivdr application - auto insurance loss determination business, M2M application - telemedicine (heart armor), etc. Tencent Technology


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