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Woodlands County Council has added a new meeting to their schedule of monthly meetings. In December, Council motioned the Governance and Priorities Committee into effectThe White House in Washington, D.C. January 21, 1957AP. The purpose of the Governance and Priorities Committee is to give Council members the chance to go over upcoming topics, issuesThe Star found that most o, and opportunities with more time allotted to conversation and information gathering.

During a regular Council meeting, the agenda can have quite a few line items to go through, not leaving as much time for them to discuss each topic at length. However, not every subject needs extended discussion. For those that do, the Governance and Priorities Committee Meeting will give them time to shine a more attentive light on topics requiring more focus. “The intent is to keep the agenda small and allow for good, fruitful discussion on points that we may not have time to really dive into during a regular meeting,” explained Deputy Mayor Alan Deane during the December 8 first reading of the Bylaw.

To make changes to a bylaw, Council needs to have three readings. The second and third readings took place on December 22 during the Regular Meeting of Councilwhereas Canada saw about 6,000 cases per day, bringing the meeting to fruition for 2022 and beyond. The first Governance and Priorities Committee meeting will take place sometime this month. The committee is made up of all members of Council and will take place once a month, except for July, August, and December.

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Ahead of the first reading in December, Deane asked if there was flexibility on the frequency of meetings. “It talks about having one. One, I would say, 99 percent of the time is going to be sufficient, but there could be times when we’d like to hold another meeting to discuss items of the same nature that couldn’t get covered in one meeting. I’m just wondering if there’s an opportunity to build in flexibility or we just leave this alone, and if there’s a need for another meeting, then we just schedule a Special Council Meeting.” CAO Gordon Frank said flexibility is always an option and that Council could book another meeting if they felt they needed more information brought back or more time to discuss.

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