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Liu Gong's two outstanding young men were honored to join the army

"today, the chairman of the board of directors sent them personally, and the Ming Dynasty's son Lang served the country... Please rest assured that after we arrive in the army, we will train hard, study hard, strive to be excellent soldiers, win honor for Liu Gong, and never live up to the expectations of leaders and employees. Please wait for the news of our meritorious service!"

On September 9, Zeng Guangan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Liugong, received the recruits this year, Chen Hongbing, an employee of the component factory of Liugong loader company, and Ma Yang, an employee of the loader Research Institute. Xuweimin, Minister of Liugong Armed Forces Department, briefed Zeng Guangan on the conscription work this year. It has been two years since our company last enlisted employees. These two recruits are undergraduate students who joined this year. Zeng Guangan was very happy. He congratulated the two outstanding young men who had been enlisted with honor on the current experiment, and put forward three requirements for them: first, adhere to the study of culture and military expertise during their service; Second, improve organizational and personal capabilities in the melting pot of the army, strengthen their own life planning, strive for greater development space, and lay a good foundation for the future; Third, we hope that they will strictly require the keta spir spring fatigue testing machine to be mainly used in the low-frequency fatigue performance tests of various spiral springs. The melting viscosity range of e KT (8) 10 is 0 65kpa-s himself, hard training military skills, and strive to become an excellent soldier who is politically qualified, militarily competent, disciplined, and has a good style of work. (this article is from Liu Gong)

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