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Cherry Blossom paint Hunan market inspection and research outline

Cherry Blossom paint Hunan market inspection and research outline

August 30, 2012

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[China paint information] recently, the author was assigned by the company to Hunan Province, an important province at the intersection of central and southern China, to conduct a comprehensive market inspection and research. Along the way, I gained a lot, experienced a lot, and was pleasantly surprised

looking back on that year, Hunan was the first stop for Cherry Blossom paint in central and southern China. Hunan was chosen precisely because of its important strategic position. Hunan is an important province in China, located in the Jiangnan area in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. The Xiangjiang River runs through the north and south, which is called Xiang for short. Hunan borders Jiangxi to the East, Chongqing and Guizhou to the west, Guangdong and Guangxi to the south, and Hubei to the north. With beautiful scenery, Hunan is a famous land of plenty in China and one of the most economically developed provinces in the central and western regions. More importantly, it can become a strategic bridgehead for Sakura paint to radiate to South China

seek the potential and take advantage of it.

before entering Hunan in an all-round way, cherry blossom paint has actually launched various communication channels to build up the brand in advance, and made a lot of basic preparations for the smooth progress of Cherry Blossom paint in strategy. First of all, capable business personnel were sent to the Sanxiang Sishui building materials market and competitive product monopoly stores to conduct market research, and the enterprise image manual, product comprehensive manual, investment invitation manual, enterprise internal publication and other promotional materials of Cherry Blossom paint were distributed, so as to gradually penetrate the brand influence in the industry. Secondly, go deep into the county and town level market and paint wall advertisements in a large area through local advertising companies, so as to get familiar with them in the eyes of ordinary people. Third, use the individual channel points developed in the early stage of water testing to put advertisements such as buses, local publications, tricycles, outdoor walls, stop signs, local TV stations and so on. Through a series of advertisements in the early stage, a solid foundation has been laid for the cherry blossom paint industry to gradually develop into the Hunan market. Although this kind of strategy and tactics of "seeking for potential" may pay a lot in cost, it has proved to be worth it in the long-term interests

precise positioning, unified image

for the Hunan market, the core of the strategic positioning formulated by cherry blossom paint is three words: differentiation. The strategic positioning of differentiation not only determines whether our products and services can be distinguished from our competitors, but also determines whether the enterprise can successfully enter the Hunan market and gain a foothold in the lake. 1. Do not click the "start" experimental button in the south market before starting the experiment. Sakura paint is determined to create a distinctive and unique core competitive advantage through differentiated strategic positioning

the first step to implement differentiated positioning is to establish a unified image recognition system for Cherry Blossom paint, which is particularly important for the effective expansion and extension of channels. When Sakura paint first entered the Hunan market, it was very important to put it into the integrated laser station for fine trimming and the construction of a unified VI and Si image recognition system. We require every service center and exclusive store to strictly follow the company's unified image recognition system. Xiao, manager of the cherry blossom paint Hunan Office, who has been engaged in enterprise planning for a long time, spared no effort in this regard. First of all, he carefully built a model Sakura paint standard image store from 1997 to 2012 in Xiangxiang, Hanshou, Xupu, Anren, Yuanjiang, Youxian, Huarong and other places. And gradually spread to the whole province, and achieved very good results

marketing integration, turning stone into gold

when the channel construction is gradually mature, integration is bound to become a work we must do. Since 2012, the Hunan Office of Sakura paint has conducted a "reshuffle" of channel points in the province. On the basis of comprehensive assessment and evaluation of all distribution channels, we will implement unfinished elimination and re integrate and select. Although this measure is somewhat cruel, it has indeed reactivated some dead regional markets through the "blood exchange action", which has also brought unprecedented pressure and motivation to individual distributors who lack passion, resources and diligence

ZHENG Zhiqiu, general manager of Cherry Blossom paint Huarong service center, joined cherry blossom in 2010. At first, although he didn't lack diligence, he always felt that he couldn't find the direction, and once had the idea of giving up. After being instructed by manager Xiao of Yinghua paint Hunan Office in terms of communication skills, sales channels, profit model, advertising, promotional incentives and other aspects, he turned the stone into gold. Relying on the product advantages and brand advantages of Yinghua paint, his sales increased by 30% year by year. All of a sudden, it made him more confident, not only found the direction, but also opened up his mind. At present, he is planning to form an industry brand alliance with several major brand channels in the building materials industry of Huarong market to share resources and seize the commanding height of Huarong coating market. Facts have proved that as long as the marketing idea is opened, there are more ways to grab more market share. Mr. Chu of Xupu service center is such a thoughtful person. She found the unmet market demand of customers, followed up immediately, and took the lead in providing free spraying services in the coating industry of Tupu, so as to achieve the top three market share of Cherry Blossom paint in Tupu at one stroke; President Liu of you County Service Center is also a forward-looking person. Less than a year after joining Sakura, he has made the Sakura paint brand the top five in the market share of you county. In the interview, He said confidently: "At present, we must firmly grasp the opportunity that the company is promoting new products of tea effect health paint and publishing advertisements on CCTV's golden gear, and strive to become one of the top three brands in Youxian County by the end of this year.

brand communication, and continue to spread the brand of constant

Cherry Blossom paint. The general principle is 16 words: focus on the goal, effective communication; let a hundred flowers bloom, and continue to be constant.

the overall brand communication strategy of Cherry Blossom paint Hunan Office in the company Next, a brand communication symphony with large scale and high melody was performed in Xiaoxiang. At the beginning of each year, manager Xiao will formulate a zhenmi advertising plan, and list a certain proportion of advertising expenses according to the annual sales, and submit it to the company for approval. In the first half of 2012, in order to continue to maintain the relationship between the brand and customers, Hunan market closely around the distribution network, launched a series of building materials market road advertising, outdoor stop sign advertising, bus and tricycle advertising, county and Town National Road side wall advertising, local television advertising and local magazine advertising, etc. Continuous and effective advertising has made the popularity and reputation of Cherry Blossom paint brand resound in Hunan. Word of mouth, the market share of Cherry Blossom paint brand has increased significantly year by year. Since the second half of the year, with the grand launch of the new product tea effect health paint launched by the company, a new round of publicity offensive has been launched in Sanxiang and Sishui in Hunan. At the same time, the company has also spared no expense in brand communication. It has not only released a large number of advertisements and soft texts in Sina, paint information, Huicong paint, painting business information, purchase, China paint news, Tu yingtianxia, paint market news, building materials City, product paint and other well-known media in the industry, but also invested in the annual new product advertisements in CCTV's golden strength, which has played a very powerful role in boosting the strong attack of Cherry Blossom paint brand nationwide

serve attentively and do things in good faith

in the long-term marketing work, cherry blossom paint always adheres to a basic principle: serve attentively and do things in good faith. Manager Xiao of Yinghua paint Hunan office won the respect of all distribution service centers in the province with this serious and responsible working attitude

Gao Zong of Yueyang Service Center for cherry paint joined cherry new customers only last October. When choosing a brand, he had three paint brands to choose from at the same time. However, the reason why he finally chose Cherry Blossom paint is that he was moved by manager Xiao's sincerity and his painstaking attitude of visiting the door many times

Xiao Dazhi of Yinghua paint Yiyang Service Center said: Manager Xiao is like my brother, and he works steadfastly with him

Mr. Wu of the cherry blossom paint gluluo service center now has to discuss major and minor matters within the family with manager Xiao at the first time

president Zheng of Cherry Blossom paint Huarong Service Center said affectionately: one thing I admire most about manager Xiao is his integrity and reliability. From his personal character, we can feel the character charm of Sakura paint brand

the above moving examples are numerous, and they let me understand one thing: only by treating others with your heart, can you exchange others' trust and support for you. From manager Xiao, it also strongly reflects the consistent marketing concept of Cherry Blossom paint and the brand proposition of care at all levels

products, features, integration, innovation, brand, integrity, service, etc. constitute the marketing magic weapon of Cherry Blossom paint in Hunan market. With these magic weapons, the vigorous "Cherry Blossom" will bloom more and more brightly on the land of Xiaoxiang. The cherry blossom paint brand will be like a galloping black horse in Sanxiang and Sishui, and will be invincible

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