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The 19th ICIF: our "colleagues" will be robots

according to labor daily, the 19th ICIF is in full swing. As in the past few years, the robot Pavilion is still the most concerned part. The difference is that in this year's exhibition, "human-machine cooperation" has become the theme of many robot enterprises. With the continuous progress of supply side reform, the "collaborative robot" that can work side by side with workers, as a new production tool in the "era of flexible manufacturing", is becoming a trend. Most enterprises say that "human-computer cooperation" provides a lower cost option for factory transformation automation, and while improving productivity, it may create more jobs in the future

abb robot Yumi: can cooperate closely with humans

entering the robot exhibition hall (7.1h, 8.1h) of this year's Industrial Expo, the biggest feeling is that there is less the lively scene of robots "dancing dragons and lions" on the same stage in previous years, and instead, robots originally arranged to show skills in the lattice collectively "walked out" and had a close contact with the audience

on the abb booth, Yumi, a two arm robot including a truck, held a pen in his right hand and a camera in his left hand, while capturing the audience's face and putting on a hat for his avatar displayed on the screen, while imitating the name the audience signed on the tablet computer. Behind the simple action, there are two technical patents, namely, component positioning based on machine vision and guided programming. Seeing that Yumi's workbench was not equipped with protective fence, some spectators tried to test its safety, deliberately reaching out and bumping into Yumi's left hand. It suddenly paused, paused for a few seconds, and then resumed its action again. The whole process was like the scene of careless collision between workers in ordinary factories

"it is very safe and can cooperate closely with humans. "According to the relevant person in charge of ABB's booth, Yumi has a lightweight rigid magnesium aluminum alloy skeleton and a plastic shell wrapped in soft materials, which is widely used in many fields, such as home appliances, automobiles, electric switch tool shells, etc., and can well absorb the impact on the outside. In addition, Yumi adopts a compact design, with human body size and human limb movements, which will make its human colleagues feel safe and comfortable." With humanized safety design, Yumi has become the world's first dual arm industrial robot that truly realizes human-computer cooperation

Xinsong robot "duoke": the "generalist" in the future factory

in the Xinsong booth in the adjacent exhibition hall, a robot walking back and forth with apple in its hand aroused the curiosity of the audience. I saw it walking leisurely on the booth, with ten fingers in one hand, the same as human beings. It picked up from time to time, clicked the app, and made the action amuse the audience. This robot is called "Duo Ke", and playing is not its strength. As the first dual arm cooperative robot in China, it is expected to become a "generalist" in the future factory because of its high flexibility, safety, autonomous obstacle avoidance and other skills

"it is more likely to work in a relatively free and open environment, with real-time depth information and three-dimensional reconstruction functions, and can provide a full set of matching operation solutions, which is more integrated and flexible." The relevant person in charge of Xinsong, for example, is like a "generalist" in a factory. It can immediately replace any production link that needs manpower. But at present, "duoke" has not officially "worked". With its skills, it may be arranged to work in the development environment in the future

nachi6 axis robot: it can be operated with a flick of a finger

in previous industrial fairs, scenes of robots competing with each other frequently appeared, and this year, the picture of people and robots cooperating with each other to win the competition opened the audience's eyes

on the Nachi booth, two small robots launched a competition. Interestingly, two live audiences fought with them. According to the rules of the game, the two spectators cooperate with the "partners" of the two robots. The spectators control the robot to absorb the small ball through fingers and external buttons, and put it into the rotating placement table. The party who puts more small balls representing his own color into the placing table within one minute wins

only two spectators waved their fingers, and their respective robot "partners" moved according to the movement trajectory of their fingers. Throughout the game, the audience and the robot cooperated very tacitly

The relevant person in charge of Nachi introduced that the space operating robot is a newly evolved function, which can make the operation of the robot extremely simple. It is understood that this function has no corresponding manufacturing scenario for the time being, and may be applied to production links with high risk or precision in the future, and this function will provide a simpler, direct and flexible operation experience for "human-computer cooperation"

"human-computer cooperation" is thirsty for talents, and the new trend may stimulate employment.

as one of the representatives of strategic emerging industries, domestic robots at the Industrial Expo in recent years have shown a strong trend. However, due to the lack of talent reserves, their conductivity (IACS) is not more than 107%, which has also begun to highlight at the exhibition. It is noted that many enterprises have begun to set up platforms to recruit talents this year

in front of the booth of Suzhou saiteng, a poster of "talent is the most precious thing in the 21st century" was placed in the most prominent position. It is noted that the poster content is actually a recruitment information, and the enterprise initiated 40 or 50 job invitations including R & D director, assembly manager, project engineer and so on with the help of the platform of the Industrial Expo. The person in charge of the enterprise said that with the increase of the installation of robot products, the demand for supporting talents has increased greatly. Coincidentally, DeMarco electric and other enterprises with the exhibition hall also offered high salaries to recruit electrical engineers, mechanical engineers and other positions

Dong Zhenghao, ABB's global product manager, told that with the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, most enterprises are facing challenges such as cost pressure, increased demand for product diversification, and constantly changing output demand. Many non-standard products and complex processes are difficult to reach by manpower, and what is needed for personalized customization and flexible production is no longer the traditional production mode. In order to meet the era of many varieties and low output, manufacturing methods must have higher flexibility and automation. As a new production tool, "collaborative robot" enables robots to work side by side with the hardness workers

on the other hand, the introduction of cooperative robots in small enterprises has also increased employment. "Flexible and efficient production mode, user-friendly operation interface and ideal investment recovery cycle have reduced the threshold of enterprise automation transformation." Dong Zhenghao said that automation can help companies improve their competitiveness and produce higher quality products at a lower cost. At the same time, these companies must need enough skilled workers to meet the positions of cooperating with machines. He believes that technology has not taken away people's jobs. With the use of robots, some types of work will change, but also create new employment opportunities

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