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The outline dimension and installation of MVC series of motor soft starter

(I) the outline of MVC series soft starter

mvc series soft starter is shown in the figure

figure MVC series soft starter outline

(II) MVC series soft starter outline dimensions

MVC series soft starter outline dimensions are shown in the table

(III) installation

1 Initial inspection

(1) observe whether there is damage during transportation and handling

(2) check whether there are loose mechanical parts, broken wires and loose wiring during transportation and handling. Loose wiring will increase impedance and affect function

(3) check whether the rated voltage and current are correct before starting

table MVC series soft starter outline dimension table

grade mvc3 standard soft starter mvc3 soft starting part * voltage (V)

rated current (a)

motor power model NEMA 12/3r model NEMA 12/3r horsepower (HP)


height (mm)

width (mm)

height (mm)

width (mm)

depth (mm)



mvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-e15 anisotropic mvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-emvc-e-swgmvc-e182910 ~ 15kV

mvc-e-swg for special specifications, please contact the manufacturer mvc-e-swg20 04 promote 5g R & D and industrialization mvc-e-swgmvc-e-swgmvc-e-swg Service environment

proper installation position will ensure the normal operation and service life of the equipment. MVC plus should be installed in the following environment:

(1) environmental operating humidity 0 ~ 50 ℃ (the heater is allowed to operate at -20 ℃)

(2) rainproof and moisture proof

(3) humidity: 5% - 95% non condensing

(4) no metal chips, conductive dust and corrosive gas

(5) prevent vibration (less than 0.5g)

3. Installation

pay attention to disconnect all power supplies before installation. Does the machine fail to respond after the safety testing machine point rises (or falls)? The installation shall comply with local electrical regulations and standards and IEEE standards. When MVC plus is installed on a concrete slab with wiring holes, ensure that the cement slab is flat to ensure the horizontal installation of the equipment. Clean up anything that affects the opening and closing of the cabinet door, and the manually controlled hydraulic universal testing machine should not affect the opening and closing of the cabinet door. Whether it complies with the electrical regulations of local cabinet installation

a U-shaped reinforced steel rib support is installed under the base of the control cabinet, and both ends of the U-shaped reinforced steel rib are provided with a 1/2 inch screw hole. In order to prevent earthquakes, four 1/2-inch screws should be used to fix the cabinet on the base. If the control cabinet is a combined type, the method is the same as above, and the cabinet should be fixed on the base with screws and screw holes on the base. The cabinet can be installed independently away from other objects. However, it can also be installed against the wall behind the cabinet, because all electrical components and wiring are installed in front of the cabinet, which will not affect operation and maintenance

4. Additional transformation of equipment

if the connecting line entering the cabinet needs to be additionally punched on the cabinet due to its inappropriate position, it is necessary to cover the electrical components and other mechanisms in the machine, and strictly prevent metal chips from remaining in the machine, so as to avoid serious short-circuit accidents. After drilling, carefully clean the machine and check whether there is other damage in the working area

5. Prepare before power on

when installing the standard soft starter, remove the fixing tape wrapped on the fuse before power on. Open the openable metal plate reserved at the top or bottom of the cabinet, drill holes on the metal plate to adapt to the access of power supply and motor cables to the cabinet, and then install the metal plate back to its original place after opening the wiring hole. Carefully check to avoid leaving metal debris in the cabinet

6. Warning

when the "stop" button is pressed, all power supplies will not be disconnected. There is still voltage in the AC main circuit. During maintenance, the main power supply must be cut off and the isolating switch of the main power supply must be turned off. Warning signs must be pasted on the panel of the control cabinet and comply with the local electrical regulations. It is not allowed to connect capacitor power factor compensator at the load end of MVC plus, otherwise it will cause impulse current and damage SCR during starting. Do not connect capacitors at the input terminals. If PFC is unavoidable, keep away from the input terminals, please contact the manufacturer. Never connect the input and output power lines incorrectly, otherwise the control logic circuit will be damaged due to overvoltage

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