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Outlook and forecast of the printing market in Shaoxing and Ningbo, Hangzhou

in March this year, the author and his party successively came to Shaoxing and Ningbo, Hangzhou to investigate the printing enterprises in these three places. During the week-long research and visit, the author had an in-depth understanding of the prospects and forecasts of the three printing enterprises on the printing market, as well as their requirements for the training of printing talents. The specific research results are as follows. I. The forecast of the printing market is well known that printing enterprises compete for customers very fiercely, but the author found after investigation that the way of competition is quietly changing. Since any printing production enterprise is unwilling to adopt price war, price war is rare in these three places. The competition of printing enterprises in these three places for customers tends to focus on the progressiveness and uniqueness of equipment, the thoughtful service and the high quality of products

for example, a printing enterprise in Ningbo has greatly improved the quality of its prints due to the extensive use of advanced printing equipment (the enterprise has many Ningbo firsts), such as the use of CTP digital proofing before printing, the use of imported machines with good performance for printing, and the combination of densitometer signal strips and worker experience for quality detection. In terms of enterprise management, the enterprise just installed the ERP system last year, which improved the production efficiency, facilitated the communication between itself and users, and won the praise of users. Therefore, customers are also coming in an endless stream, and the scale of the enterprise is growing day by day

a relatively small enterprise in Hangzhou adopts another way of competition, based on the market with uniqueness and winning the market with innovation. In the workshop of the printing factory, we can see that one of its main equipment is a beiren 08 machine, but this 08 machine has been transformed by the technicians of the factory. They added a UV curing machine to the subsequent part of the printing, and replaced the ink roller of beiren 8 machine at the same time. In this way, an ordinary beiren J2108 printing machine has become a special printing machine using UV ink and PVC as the main printing material. The innovation of the manufacturing enterprise of Hofmann innovation group is far more than this. According to the person in charge of production, many of the equipment with special functions of the enterprise are transformed from ordinary equipment, and these transformations are personally led by the factory director of the enterprise

the same example can be seen in Ningbo: a printing enterprise with its own brand, whose brand of playing cards enjoys a high reputation in the domestic industry. Many printing enterprises of the same type that the author learned before often passively get a "spoonful" from the upstream enterprises at the downstream of the market value chain. However, this printing enterprise, which has no advantage in equipment, has found a way to success with the brand advantage of developing its own products in the highly competitive market

from this week's visit and research, the author draws a key conclusion of 10 points for such 3D printing materials: printing enterprises will develop in two directions in the future: ① large and medium-sized printing enterprises with advanced equipment and efficient service system will gradually occupy most of the market share

② some small-scale printing enterprises with innovative consciousness will also occupy a place in the market due to the uniqueness of their printing products

second, requirements for printing talents

we know that many domestic printing enterprises do not have the ability of R & D, and many enterprises do not intend to become R & D production enterprises (these characteristics are opposite to paper enterprises, and some large printing enterprises other than China's degradation products are non-toxic). After all, the printing press is developing in the direction of "fool machine", so their requirements for printing talents are also mainly focused on skills (proficiency of printing machine) and experience (judgment of printing product quality and maintenance of printing equipment failure). These skills are the advantages of technical school students who mainly focus on practical skills training. 2. Cut three joints from each batch of finished products for tensile experiments. However, for undergraduates who have learned systematically and mastered more theoretical knowledge, this requirement of printing enterprises is precisely their disadvantage

from the visits to many printing enterprises, their requirements for talents' skills and experience are far higher than the requirements for academic qualifications, which is particularly prominent in some small and medium-sized printing enterprises in Hangzhou, Shaoxing and Ningbo. Their person in charge clearly told us that they only need technical school students or experienced social personnel. In some medium-sized printing enterprises, they will consider undergraduate students, but they hope that undergraduate students should have some practical experience and management skills. The boss of a printing enterprise in Ningbo said to us, "your school had better have its own printing factory for your own internship, so that your students can adapt to the requirements of the market and integrate into the enterprise faster." He also added, "after coming to the enterprise for a few years, undergraduates will generally develop to the management level. Some business-oriented printing enterprises mainly introduce graduates from famous universities. For example, a large business-oriented printing enterprise in Ningbo, the talents they introduce are mainly students graduated from famous universities such as Peking University and Tsinghua University."

at the same time, the introduction of talents in printing enterprises is not limited to majors. These enterprises do not think that graduates of printing majors are their only choice. For example, the introduction of talents by a large-scale printing enterprise in Hangzhou is as follows: the operation of printing machines is dominated by students majoring in machinery and electronics; Prepress production is dominated by students majoring in computer art and design. Their view is that for a certain process alone, students of the above majors master professional knowledge better than students of printing majors

many printing enterprises say that talents who can operate and maintain printing machines are what they lack at present. After the machine breaks down, asking the personnel of the equipment manufacturer to repair it will inevitably delay time and cost money, which many printing enterprises are unwilling to bear

we can summarize the requirements of printing enterprises for highly educated printing talents: ① on the basis of solid theoretical foundation, they must have certain professional practical skills and professional skills; ② On the premise of learning this major well, it is best to have certain management knowledge to prepare for future development. ※

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