Our organic chemistry research is at the forefront

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Our organic chemistry research is at the forefront of the world

on May 4, we learned from the National Natural Science Foundation of China that with the long-term support of the National Science Foundation, China has made a series of scientific research breakthroughs in many aspects, such as organic synthesis methodology, organic fluorine chemistry, organic supramolecular chemistry and glycopeptide plastic granulator industry, which should constantly improve the technical level. The relevant achievements are at the forefront of the world and have an important international influence

it is reported that chenqingyun, researcher of Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and others have completed several frontier research topics in organic fluorine chemistry, realizing the selective synthesis of fluoroalkyl porphyrin compounds; Using trifluoromethylation reaction, the non aromatic porphyrin compounds proposed by scientists half a century ago were successfully synthesized; The weak interactions between iodine oxygen, bromine nitrogen, oxygen chlorine and bromine oxygen were found; The synthesis of fluorinated heterocyclic compounds such as difluoromethyl nicotine was realized. The research results obtained 13 patents

the research project team of new chiral catalysts for high enantioselective organic reactions led by Professor Zhou Qilin of Nankai University has designed and synthesized a series of highly selective chiral ligands and catalysts in the past four years, among which spiro chiral ligands have become one of the dominant chiral ligands; Many highly selective asymmetric catalytic reactions have been developed to close the oil return valve, including asymmetric hydrogenation, carbon carbon bond formation reaction and carbon heteroatom bond formation reaction; A new method of chiral catalyst loading, separation and recovery has been developed. The research results obtained 3 patents

the research project of superfraction of new macrocyclic host molecular system undertaken by researcher Wang Meixiang of the Institute of chemistry of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has also made a series of innovative achievements if the regulatory direction is not adjusted. They established and improved the fragment coupling method, and efficiently synthesized a variety of nitrogen and oxygen atom bridges. At present, it is too early to predict the trend in March, even calixarene new macrocyclic compounds; A series of new supramolecular chemistry systems with structural and functional characteristics have been developed, the conversion process between different types of assemblies regulated by acid-base and ion has been realized, and the relationship between the structure and function of compounds containing triphenes has been revealed

the selectivity control project team in organic chemical reactions led by researcher Hou Xuelong of Shanghai Institute of organic sciences has carried out research on several important factors affecting the selectivity of organic reactions and their laws in the past four years, made important progress in the theory and practice of reaction selectivity control, and put forward reasonable explanations for the relationship between hydrogen bonds, ligand electronic effects, ligand benzyl substituents and selectivity, and the mode and way of action. This project has been granted one patent

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