Our professional hardware market needs to keep pac

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Our professional hardware market needs to keep pace with the times

after more than ten years of construction and transformation, cultivation and improvement, China's mechanical and electrical professional market has formed a huge industrial cluster. But it also needs to keep pace with the times. It is estimated that more than half of the national hardware and electromechanical sales are realized through these professional markets every year, which shows the position and role of the professional market in the circulation of hardware and electromechanical goods in China. Especially in August 2010, we have been going forward for a month, and China's professional hardware market has ushered in a big acceleration. Professional hardware market moves frequently

in August 2010, jujiabao hardware decoration and building materials City, the largest professional hardware city in Shenzhen, will open in September this year, with an estimated annual turnover of more than 1billion yuan and a tax of 200million yuan. All hardware stores have entered the "city", which is a typical epitome of the accelerated adjustment and expansion of China's professional hardware market

in August, 2010, the "Xianning hardware and Electromechanical market" was officially started at the Wuhan Guangzhou high speed railway station 800 meters south along national highway 107. It is reported that some models in Xianning have more outstanding detection limits. The total construction area of the hardware and Electromechanical market is 130000 square meters, with an initial investment of 300million yuan. It is a key project of (1) the wiping equipment city before the experiment and the China (Hubei) electromechanical Industrial Park. At present, it has been established as the central China logistics center of the China hardware and Electromechanical chamber of Commerce, the Hubei hardware and electromechanical products trading center and the Hubei hardware and Electromechanical chamber of Commerce demonstration market

in August 2010, the fourth phase of Zhongshan Xiaolan hardware and electromechanical trading city opened. It is reported that the hardware city occupies about 16000 square meters of Yaming's land, with 144 planned berths. At present, it has been fully rented, and a total of 70 merchants have settled in. It is also understood that the fifth phase of the hardware and electromechanical trade city is under planning, and an electronic zone will be set up with supporting logistics distribution, striving to become the largest hardware and electromechanical trade city in Zhongshan

as China's hardware enterprises intensively enter the capital market to plan for listing, the professional hardware market has also ushered in a golden period, and has entered an era of great acceleration. For hardware enterprises, we should pay more attention to the trend of professional hardware market, and such a professional hardware market will also become the vane of innovation for hardware enterprises

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