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In the first quarter, the domestic plastic raw material market showed a wave by wave decline

Alibaba monograph: as far as the overall market trend is concerned, the domestic plastic raw material market showed a downward trend in early February. By March, not only did the decline rate of market sales prices increase, but also the geographical scope expanded from the domestic coastal areas to the northern regions. Due to the lack of effective use method of electric folding machine in the domestic market 2 To adjust the demand for zero contact screws at the back of the angle raising instigation plate, manufacturers and market intermediaries generally feel that it is more difficult to operate. According to the analysis of the essence of market changes, in addition to the decline in market sales prices, another important change in the domestic plastic market in this quarter is the scattered market sentiment. In addition, the uncertain prospect of the international oil market, it is also melancholy whether the implementation of the project will eventually trigger a global economic recession in the United States. Some people believe that the slowdown in the demand for petrochemical raw materials in the world since this year is closely related to the U.S. economy, As a result, some operators are not optimistic about the domestic plastic situation in the second quarter, and the market is becoming more bearish

however, at the same time, the current low price of resin is very beneficial to plastic product manufacturers. Some powerful plastic processing manufacturers began to purchase and increase inventory. For example, after the price of polystyrene general-purpose material is reduced to less than 7000 yuan/ton and polypropylene resin (powder) is reduced to about 6100 yuan/ton, the sales volume begins to increase significantly

polystyrene resin: due to the impact of the rapid decline in the international market price of raw styrene monomer, the domestic polystyrene resin market price has been in a continuous and substantial downward trend since this year, especially after the polystyrene production enterprises in the South and North successively announced a substantial reduction in the ex factory price, which further stimulated the decline in the domestic polystyrene market price. For example, compared with the beginning of the year, The ex factory price of general-purpose polystyrene resin produced by Yanhua fell by 1400 yuan. In mid March, the lowest price in the domestic polystyrene market has been reduced to 6900 yuan/ton, and the market price of high impact polystyrene resin is only 7200 yuan/ton. At the end of March, the ex factory price of general-purpose polystyrene resin of Guangzhou Petrochemical and Yanhua has been reduced to 7000 yuan/ton and 6800 yuan/ton. Although there are signs that the domestic polystyrene market has stopped falling and stabilized, and the sales volume has also increased, the domestic polystyrene manufacturers are still afraid of the severe market situation

at present, the quotation of international SM monomer is about USD/ton, while that of domestic SM monomer 2.1 food contact materials is more widely touched, and the price of products is about 5000 yuan/ton. According to this calculation, the cost price of domestic polystyrene resin is generally about 7000 yuan/ton. Therefore, after the end of March, many enterprises began to be cautious about reducing the ex factory price of polystyrene products. At the same time, in order to avoid the market inversion of product prices, some enterprises implemented the strategy of reducing production or decided to temporarily stop production. If the price of SM monomer can remain stable, it is expected that the domestic polystyrene market price will also stabilize. In addition, the SM manufacturers in South Korea and Japan plan to carry out the annual overhaul in April, which is the test mode selection period. The peak parking period will tighten the supply in the Asian SM market, which will also help the Asian polystyrene market stabilize in the short term and may form a small rebound

polyethylene resin: at the beginning of this year, the domestic polyethylene market was relatively stable, basically in a narrow range finishing situation. However, after March, the market price of polyethylene resin in China began to fall sharply across the board, especially the price of high-density polyethylene, which had a relatively good market performance in the early stage, fell sharply and fell to weakness. For example, the current price of HDPE 5000S is 7200 yuan/ton, down 400 yuan per ton compared with the price at the beginning of the year, and the price of another brand of high-density polyethylene resin 6100m is also down 600 yuan compared with the beginning of the year,. The price per ton decreased by more than 300 yuan. Relatively speaking, the market price of low-density polyethylene resin fell by less than that of high-density polyethylene resin. Except that the price of LDPE F-180 fell by 300 yuan, the price of other varieties fell by between yuan

polypropylene resin: deli's domestic market demand is relatively stable. In the first quarter, domestic polypropylene resin became a bright spot in the general resin market. Not only the price did not change significantly, for example, the price of polypropylene T30S and T36F was always stable at yuan/ton and yuan/ton, while the price of other varieties fell between yuan. According to the report of the polypropylene manufacturer, the product sales situation has also been good, without a large number of pressure on the warehouse, and there has been a rebound during this period. However, due to the weak overall situation in the domestic and foreign plastic market, the domestic polypropylene market price also turned downward at the end of March, and there were signs of scattered market buying. The manufacturer took advantage of the trend to reduce the ex factory price. It is worth noting that in the first quarter, the price decline of domestic polypropylene resin special materials was higher than that of general polypropylene resin

polyvinyl chloride resin: due to the impact of low-cost imported polyvinyl chloride, new changes occurred in the domestic polyvinyl chloride Market in the first quarter. This change was not only reflected in a large decline in prices, but also in more complex circulation links. Facing the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic market, the domestic PVC industry also has differences. For example, at the industry coordination meeting held by six large PVC petrochemical companies on March 17, small and medium-sized PVC production enterprises prefer static braking, while large enterprises believe that they should take the offensive as their defense, actively lower the ex factory price of products, and compete with low-cost imported PVC for the market. At present, the ex factory price of large domestic PVC enterprises has been reduced to yuan/ton, This price is 500 yuan lower than that at the beginning of this year

abs resin: compared with other domestic general-purpose plastic markets, the domestic ABS resin market has been in a tepid state since this year, and the ex factory price and sales price have not changed much. For example, compared with the beginning of the year, the ex factory price has dropped by about 400 yuan. At present, the ex factory price is basically yuan/ton, and the market sales price of general-purpose ABS resin is basically between yuan/ton. (liuyanqiu)

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