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The downstream demand for soft raw materials is not strong, and polyester filament is difficult to maintain consolidation

in the recent week, the national polyester filament market has shown an adjustment pattern, and the overall market trading atmosphere is general. As MEG can not effectively drive the market upward, the manufacturer's sales are gradually getting worse, and the inventory pressure is rising slowly again. In the joint quotation of all parties, DTY and FDY remained stable except that POY rose by 100 yuan, while the enterprise quotation rose slightly tentatively due to the rise of raw materials. However, most of the downstream companies have made up their positions, so the purchasing sentiment is low, and the overall trading volume of the market is barely flat. Although POY still rose slightly, the trading volume has declined, and the production and marketing rate has dropped to 80%. In terms of varieties, POY porous silk is still the best seller, with tight supply, while FDY and DTY are weak, with sales still depressed, and the manufacturer's inventory is under pressure. The downstream weaving mills are still under the double pressure of capital and inventory, the number of orders is not ideal, and the startup rate is slightly low at 70%

poy market performance improved slightly, and the overall production and sales of the market declined slightly compared with last weekend. However, the supply of some varieties is still tight, and downstream procurement is cautious. The quotation of six party POY is increased by 100 yuan/ton, the settlement price of 100d/36f is 1250 yuan/ton, and the pre quotation is 12600 yuan/ton; The settlement price of 150d/48f is 12200 yuan/ton, and the pre quotation is 12300 yuan/ton. From the perspective of market transactions, the supply of porous varieties is still tight, but the price is suppressed due to the existence of low-priced goods. Conventional varieties are still under pressure, and the shipment resistance is obvious. At present, the overall inventory level of Po LCD y is around 12 days, and there are many conventional varieties

dty market is weak, the market turnover has not significantly improved, and the manufacturer has great sales resistance, "Professor oraib al Ketan added. The quotation of seven party DTY is still issued at the same time. The low elasticity quotation of 150d/48f is 13600 yuan/ton, and the online quotation of 150d/48f is 14600 yuan/ton. Downstream enterprises do not purchase much due to capital pressure and have a strong wait-and-see mentality. There is a certain resistance to the transaction of conventional varieties. Compared with DTY 75d/72f, 150d/144f and 150d/288f, the demand is good. It is mainly used for the production of woolen cloth and velvet fabrics. Small ammunition processing enterprises have great capital pressure, and the overall startup rate has dropped to 80%. At present, the overall inventory of DTY is slightly more than 15 days, and the pressure is gradually emerging

fdy market continues to maintain a volatile pattern, the enterprise quotation is basically stable, the downstream wait-and-see mood is strong, the overall production and sales level is around 80%, and the inventory rises slowly. The Sifang quotation was published, and the 68d/24f half light quotation was yuan/ton, and the 75d/36f half light quotation was yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere was not ideal. It consumes more porous and coarse denier varieties on water jets and jets, so its sales are good. At present, the overall inventory level of FDY is around 15 days, and some manufacturers are short of funds

recently, the polyester filament market has been in a stalemate. The upstream raw material MEG has not effectively stimulated the market, and the downstream fabric sales are still poor. The backlog of fabrics has brought unprecedented inventory pressure and capital pressure to the weaving factory, and the phenomenon of arrears is widespread. In the national standard for food safety, food contact materials are called "food related products". From the perspective of orders received, the orders increased slightly in autumn and winter, which will help the consumption of polyester filament. It is believed that downstream manufacturers will replenish their positions with small orders before the National Day holiday, so the sales of polyester filament should remain stable before the holiday. However, with the resumption of new production capacity and maintenance devices, the market supply will increase again, and the market may fall

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