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Three important measures to promote the great development of Tianjin's publishing industry recently, at the 2008 Tianjin publishing work conference, zhangbingcheng, director of Tianjin Publishing Bureau, announced three important measures to promote the great development of Tianjin's publishing industry this year

these three important measures are to complete the establishment of Tianjin publishing group. Zhangbingcheng said that this is a major event listed in the key points of the work of the Tianjin municipal Party committee this year. Under the guidance of the Publicity Department of the Tianjin municipal Party committee, we should actively do a good job in the basic work related to the resource integration, mechanism innovation and talent reserve of the publishing system, and successfully complete the task of establishing the Tianjin publishing group; Accelerate the construction of Tianjin printing industrial park. The foundation construction of the project was started on January 15 this year. On the premise of ensuring the quality and safety of the project, the construction progress will be accelerated to ensure the completion by the end of this year, laying a good foundation for the smooth relocation and investment attraction of publishing system printing enterprises, and more and more powerful manufacturers will participate in the competition in the experimental machine market; Adapt to the new pattern of market competition, and carefully create a number of brand products with innovative significance. 1. first of all, the force sensor of the tension machine should continue to focus on the ten series of Tianjin edition books, strive to build a core product plate, strive to launch 20 kinds of nationally influential best sellers and regular sales books this year, and strive to increase the sales revenue of general books when 5 printing papers stretch out one section. For the sake of clarity, the sales revenue should be more than 10% higher than last year

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