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Developing negative artificial intelligence: China's new generation of artificial intelligence governance principles issued

Xinhua news agency, Beijing, June 17 (Hu Zhe) - on June 17, the national new generation of artificial intelligence governance professional committee issued the "new generation of artificial intelligence governance principles developing artificial intelligence of devices approved by the United States", which put forward the framework and action guide of artificial intelligence governance

according to Xue LAN, President of Su Shimin academy and director of the national new generation AI governance professional committee, the governance principle aims to better coordinate the relationship between AI development and governance, ensure that AI is safe, controllable and reliable, promote sustainable economic, social and ecological development, and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. The governance principles highlight the theme of developing negative artificial intelligence and emphasize eight principles: harmony and friendship, fairness and justice, inclusiveness and sharing, respect for privacy, security and controllability, sharing, open cooperation and agile governance

in recent years, artificial intelligence has developed rapidly and is profoundly changing human social life and the world. In order to promote the healthy development of the new generation of artificial intelligence, strengthen the research on the legal, ethical and social issues of artificial intelligence, and actively promote the global governance of artificial intelligence, the office for the promotion of the development planning of the new generation of artificial intelligence has established the National Professional Committee for the governance of the new generation of artificial intelligence. The drafting of governance principles is the key work of the committee this year

Zhang Xu, deputy director of the strategic planning department of the Ministry of science and technology, introduced that in principle, the governance has gathered a wide consensus through the collection of suggestions, repeated discussions of experts and soliciting opinions from many parties

some guidelines and principles are mainly put forward from the perspective of the country and the organization. The governance principles issued by China this time especially emphasize international cooperation, jointly protect the future of artificial intelligence and jointly build a community with a shared future for mankind. This is the initiative and commitment made by China's artificial intelligence development to the world. Zeng Yi, a researcher at the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said

Zeng Yi believes that the past development of artificial intelligence was mainly driven by technology, and the developers, users, users and managers of artificial intelligence often did not consider the potential impact on society. The very important work in the future is how to truly implement the governance principles of artificial intelligence into the whole life cycle of artificial intelligence models, products and services

where AI goes, governance principles should follow. Li renhan, a professor at Shanghai University, suggested that the separation wall between the Ministry and the market should be further broken according to the current production capacity and market response, deeply understand the importance of governance principles, and earnestly implement and abide by them

in addition, the governance principle specifically proposes to pay attention to the long-term development of artificial intelligence in the future and carry out continuous prediction research, which is a forward-looking deployment and governance of the long-term development of artificial intelligence and its social impact. This assumption is just a negative embodiment, which can ensure that the long-term development of artificial intelligence is really beneficial to mankind, society and ecology. Zeng Yi said

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