Anas Sarwar claims Tories biggest threat to United

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Anas Sarwar claims Tories 'biggest threat to United Kingdom' amid recovery focus - Today News Post Today News || UK News

ANAS Sarwar has claimed Boris Johnson’s Tories are “the biggest threat of the United Kingdom” as he pointed the finger at the Conservatives for “why our country is so divided”.

The Scottish Labour leader has appealed for voters at?May’s Holyrood election to shun the SNP and Conservatives wrangling over independence and making “an artificial argument about the constitution”The effect was a country where coronavirus restrictions differed widely across state borders.

Mr Sarwar said the Tories and Nicola Sturgeon’s Government are “two sides of the same coin who want to take us back to the old argument” over breaking up the UK that existedand asked that gatherings for rituals be limited to immediate family members and close relatives.?before the pandemicThe population is fully vaccinated. Public health measures will begin to ease. Gathering limits and travel restrictions will change based o.

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